Productive Conflict

Workplace conflict is inevitable. Conflict triggers reactions and behaviors that if gone unchecked can have serious implications such as loss of trust, poor relationships and ineffective results.

We help participants reflect on how they react in conflict situations, understand the automatic thoughts that trigger destructive conflict, and learn to reframe those thoughts to create a productive response.

Based on an online Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict assessment, highly personalized content is provided that helps participants increase self-awareness around conflict behaviors and effectively respond to conflict situations, which ultimately improves workplace results and relationships.
We help you:
⦁ Not only explore the destructive but productive conflict behaviors as well
⦁ Craft personalized techniques to curb destructive behaviors so that conflict can become more productive
⦁ Understand how to manage your response to conflict situations
⦁ Discover communication strategies that transform uncomfortable encounters into stronger relationships and ideas.

Duration: This is offered as a half day or one day workshop for individuals or intact teams.