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Looking for your audience to be inspired, entertained, and transformed to put their best foot forward professionally or personally?

As a professional, entrepreneur, or as a leader are you looking for the secret sauce of what it means to lead yourself authentically? To lead others? To find your purpose and meaning in life? To tap into your innermost self to bring out the best in yourself as well as others?

Well, look no further! Pallavi is a vibrant award-winning speaker. Through her engaging, storytelling, and lighthearted approach she motivates and enlightens global audiences on life and leadership-transforming strategies.

If you want your audience to be fired up, jumping out of their seats, and walking away highly inspired to enhance their lives as well as the lives of the people they lead, then book Pallavi for your next big event!

See Pallavi in action


Leading a Life of No Regrets: With Purpose, Passion and “Phire”

This high-energy, inspirational keynote speech is a perfect opening or closing for a conference, event, or offsite meeting. If you want to fire up your audience, get them out of their seats, and inspire them to lead intentional, purposeful, and meaningful lives, then Pallavi is the speaker you need!

Key questions audience members reflect upon:

🔆Have you put many dreams and aspirations on hold?

🔆Tired of saying “I wish” instead of “I will, I can & I did”?

🔆Are you not harnessing your natural talents & abilities to your full potential?

What to Expect:

Profound Questions: Reflect on pivotal questions that challenge you to evaluate your dreams, aspirations, and the untapped potential within.

Framework: Through the lens of her life story, Pallavi shares the three-pillar framework that enabled her to make bold decisions and pave a path for a life brimming with passion, purpose, and joy.

Actionable Insights: This is not simply a feel-good talk. Audience members walk away with practical tips for living a life aligned with their values and ambitions.

Who Should Attend:

Whether you are a business leader looking to leave a rich legacy, a professional at a crossroads, or an individual seeking deeper fulfillment, Pallavi’s insights will guide you toward a more intentional and satisfying life.

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Calling the Shots: Leadership Lessons from the Pool Table

Join Pallavi Ridout in an engaging and enlightening journey through the world of competitive pool and lessons in leadership, strategy, and personal growth.

Key questions audience members reflect upon:

🎱Are you playing a game of defense or offense in life?

🎱How would strategic play transform your life and leadership?

🎱What is the price of ignoring everyday excellence?

What to Expect:

Engaging Storytelling: Pallavi shares her captivating journey and illustrates the challenges of starting from scratch in a male-dominated sport. This is a tale of perseverance, setbacks, and victories.

Strategic Insights: Learn about the importance of assessing the table of life and the critical role of mindset.

Practical Leadership Lessons: Pallavi presents five potent lessons that challenge and inspire attendees to elevate their leadership.

Who Should Attend:

This keynote is tailor-made for business leaders, HR professionals, volunteer leaders, and anyone keen on enhancing their leadership skills, strategic thinking, and personal growth.

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Custom Talks

Pallavi frequently speaks at conferences and corporate retreats on a variety of other topics. She uses her past corporate experience and talent management expertise to add depth to a variety of topics. Here are a few topics she has customized for her audience:

🎯Productive conflict
🎯Cultivating a thriving global workplace
🎯Mastering the art of communication
🎯Public Speaking Essentials

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