I was impressed with Pallavi even before she facilitated our board and staff strategic planning session as she was highly recommended by one of our board members. The task at hand was not an easy one. We asked Pallavi to help us refine the focus of our organization. She thoroughly researched our organization — including our past successes and failures — spending time with both board and staff to understand each group’s perception of the current and future of the organization. By gaining our trust in this way, Pallavi was able to craft a powerful and memorable one-day retreat for our board and staff. She has a very welcoming yet powerful presence and was able to get us to open up and have our voices heard. At times there was tension in the room that Pallavi was able to diffuse and get us back on the intended path. We reached a higher level of communication within our organization and became a greater team as a result. Pallavi helped us identify key areas of focus and a solid plan of action and accountability. The outcome of our strategic planning session surpassed all expectations. I hope to work with Pallavi in the future!

– CEO, Thought leader, speaker and sustainability strategist

Pallavi was my mentor-coach as part of the Women Rising program at Ford. Pallavi is absolutely phenomenal. Throughout our sessions working together, Pallavi’s guidance, empathy and leadership were absolutely critical to my development as a leader. I really appreciated the time that Pallavi took to get to know me and understand my concerns and needs. From there, she really tailored our conversations to provide effective and sustainable tools for growth. I feel completely re-energized as a leader and much more confident. I could not recommend her more!

– Experience Owner & Functional Leader – Ford Motor Company

She is very thorough in understanding the needs of her clients and ultimately the execution and implementation of those activities. First hand, I’ve seen her efforts to revamp performance management process, employee engagement initiatives, and leadership development with success. I can vouch that her success is due to her professionalism, unrelenting drive towards partnership and
understanding the needs of that partner, and continuous improvement. If the opportunity would present itself, I would be more than happy to partner with Pallavi again on any OD, or Talent/Learning effort.

– Director of Human Resources, Online Gaming Industry

Bringing team members together is easy. That is just the result of an invitation to a group of people to be in a place at a designated time. There is an art to bringing together such a group of people and forging them together to behave, become and be a team. Pallavi brought together my team with me on a few occasions. With tips, tricks and techniques, she systematically identified behaviors and blockers which sub-optimized team work. Equally as systematically, she helped us to become self-aware of those behaviors and blockers. We emerged each time with a step-function improvement in our ability to think, act and achieve results as a more cohesive team. Pallavi is an excellent Coach. We enjoyed working with her!

– CIO, Global Domain and Internet Industry

My work with the ELM Advisory Group, and Pallavi Ridout specifically, helped me greatly improve my leadership skills and potential.  Her coaching style was engaging, collaborative and supportive, helping me identify and manage areas for improvement but also build on my natural strengths.  Her coaching strategies around effective communication, people leadership, empowerment, and influencing skills helped me build more trust with my team and peer stakeholders, leading to tangible improvement in my interpersonal relationships and personal brand.  She also helped me gain confidence in building out team vision and goals and encouraged me to have confidence in and own my leadership style. Her advice and strategies were practical and applicable to everyday business scenarios

Managing Legal Counsel, Oil & Gas Industry

She used a very methodical approach to listening and identifying the needs of the business and collaborating effectively with key stakeholders to drive an agenda for the two day offsite. The offsite was for over 160 people and the agenda, exercises, discussions and activities really hit the mark for the business. Working with her was great! She served as a mentor to me as I learned the
ropes of being a true learning & organization development professional. Her calm demeanor under pressure and her ability to work with a variety of styles and personalities was inspiring and still inspires
me to this day.

– Learning and Organizational Development Leader I Online Video Streaming Industry

Throughout the workshops and on an individual level, Pallavi is highly approachable. While demonstrating a bias for action, she also asks the deeper questions of “Why?” and “What do you hope to achieve?” By staying focused on goals and outcomes, you are better able to develop an action plan that will help you reach your objective. Pallavi is a very engaging facilitator and made these workshops fun!”

– Product Services Manager, Global Domain & Internet Industry

I had the pleasure of being paired with Pallavi as my mentor through a coaching program and I feel so fortunate to have met her! She is amazing at helping you not only understand yourself, your values, and your why better but her nature makes you feel very welcome. She has all the qualities of a terrific coach and I am excited to see what she takes on in the years to come!

Software Engineering Leader, Automative Industry

Pallavi was an excellent coach. Our interactions were very easy and she helped me to verbalize and focus my goals naturally. She offered great ideas and encouragement to help me on the way. I would highly recommend Pallavi to anyone who is seeking more focus and intentionality in their professional goals.

Organization Culture & Belonging Leader, Automative Industry

Pallavi is my Mentor Coach in the Women Rising program through my employer Ford Motor Company. Pallavi was an excellent Mentor coach. Her encouragement and ideas improved my skills and helped me to move to the next steps in my career goals. I recommend Pallavi as a great leader and mentor coach in our career and personal lives.

Powertrain Planning Supervisor – Ford Motor Company

She has a knack for showing up at key moments and has always brought a calming influence to the team, especially in high stakes situations. Her deep knowledge of change management has laid a foundation for creating successful organization development recommendations and she is clearly a valued asset by the business clients she serves. All this is easy to see in her work product or by talking to her references. What is tougher to see are the great relationships she has formed in and around the company. In short, people love Pallavi. She is fun to be around and thoughtful of others. When you walk into a meeting with her the room always seems to get a little bit lighter.

– SVP Learning and Development, Food Industry

Pallavi is truly amazing! I worked with Pallavi for 3 years and she was an incredible boss, role model and motivator! These traits not only are demonstrated in her work and leadership, but in her willingness to give back and share her journey/experience and knowledge! I am currently teaching at USC in the Masters in Applied Psychology Program, and I invited Pallavi to guest lecture for my course Group Dynamics and Leadership. Pallavi not only came well-prepared to share her background, but shared a very relevant case study that had my students beyond captivated! Pallavi is an amazing speaker – engaging, funny, articulate and leaving the audience wanting more!

– Professor & Organizational Psychology Consultant, University of Southern California (USC) – Los Angeles

Pallavi is an exceptional speaker and has a knack for appealing to her audience in a truly genuine and catalyzing way. Her presence has a natural aura that is undeniable. As an organization development professional, she has strong client relationship skills, is a skilled problem solver and strategic thinker, and executes well.

– VP Global Talent and Organizational Development, Music Industry

It’s rare to find a standout presenter like Pallavi. Pallavi presented at a professional development workshop that non-profit, Asian Professional Exchange, organized, where she showcased her ability to breathe life into otherwise mundane subject matter. She explained “How to Use PowerPoint Effectively” and impressed over 70 attendees by her ability to engage us with her humor and personality. While delivering content that was relevant and clear, she was particularly impressive with the ease in which she adapted to our questions and mood throughout the workshop. Having worked closely with Pallavi during her preparation for the event, I attest to her initiative in thoroughly researching and understanding the audience. She leaves little to chance, and it solidly established her credibility as an expert in presentation skills.

– Clinical Quality Management, LGBT Community Center

Pallavi is one of the best facilitators I have come across! She has an incredible ability to grasp the problem(s) at hand, slice them into chunks and work with executives and their teams to come up with meaningful solutions. Pallavi is very personable and can command a room full of people while engaging them in deep and substantive discussions. I met Pallavi when our global organization was undergoing business realignment and it was pertinent that our department understand the impact of this alignment and made adjustments to the way we offered our services as a part of a shared services finance function. On top of this we were facing the classic challenge of too many priorities and too much work that was impacting morale and getting in the way of delivering on time and high-quality results. Pallavi was instrumental in understanding the various layers of challenges we were facing and put together a fantastic outcome oriented offsite that not only helped bring our leaders and respective teams together, built better rapport and solved for a multitude of problems hindering our service delivery. Through her carefully thought through agenda and well designed breakout sessions she enabled out teams to generate ideas that were distilled into actionable outcomes implemented over a period of a few months. What was amazing is that during these offsite there was a lot of laughter, high levels of engagement and our teams had fun while working through some complex and sensitive issues. I would highly recommend Pallavi to anyone facing tough business, leadership or team challenges. She is a pleasure to work with!

– Senior Vice President, Finance, Entertainment Industry

Pallavi attended my I/O Psych class as a guest lecturer. She provided my students with a bio, an overview of OD and her current role. Pallavi is an exceptional speaker and story teller. She knows how to control the group and has the ability to capture her audience. My students loved listening to her. Thanks Pallavi!

– Professor, Alliant International University – Los Angeles

Working with Pallavi in a group coaching situation has been seamless and comforting. I have a deep respect and admiration for Pallavi and the way in which she handles people/staff as a whole. I feel there is a gentleness about Pallavi’s style that makes people feel like they can trust her. One of the things I loved most about Pallavi was her personal quote about the (3) P’s: “Live life with Purpose, Passion, and Phire”. I currently have this quote on my desk, and I read it daily. I definitely value and appreciate Pallavi for who she is and what she stands for. She is a true motivation and generates a positive energy. Thank you Pallavi for the spirit that you are.

– Executive Assistant, Global Domain & Internet Industry

Pallavi is an eloquent and exceptional speaker. She has the ability to capture and hold her audience’s attention effortlessly. Her confidence flows naturally and she is highly organized. As a guest speaker in a graduate level class, Pallavi was informative and she showcased her talent as an inspirational speaker. Through her humor and vibrant personality, Pallavi delivered a great presentation, conveyed her message effectively and made subject matter interesting. Thanks Pallavi!

– Recruiter, Event Planning Industry