Meeting Facilitation: Consulting, Design and Delivery

How much time do you waste in meetings where decisions are not made in a timely manner or deferred to the next meeting?


✓ Lack of accelerated decision making?
✓ Aligning your team, getting their buy-in and results?
✓ Defining vision, mission, culture for your organization?
✓ Dealing with complex business issue(s) with no solution in sight?

In the United States alone, unproductive meetings are said to cost (in terms of salary) a staggering $37 billion annually. Executives consider 67% of meetings to be a failure.

Your valuable company time as well as dollars are being spent every single time your teams convenes for a meeting.
Partnering with a professional facilitator to lead your session helps ensure that your group is aligned on what needs to be accomplished, is highly engaged and committed to reaching decisions together in a timely and cost effective manner.

Types of Meetings We Design & Facilitate for Your Success

Each meeting is unique, and we customize the meeting design using a variety of activities, techniques and technology to help create a new way of working together that is highly
interactive, purposeful and brings out the best outcomes within a group setting.

Types of Meetings we facilitate

Our Approach to facilitating highly effective and results oriented meetings

At ELM Advisory Group we take pride in designing and facilitating highly engaging and outcome-oriented meetings to help your team get aligned around a clear vision and action plan.

As a skilled facilitator Pallavi Ridout has helped C-suite executives, department heads and team leaders in for profit as well as not for profit space to solve for business challenges as well as achieving their short and long term strategic, and organizational objectives.

Our Approach to facilitating highly effective and results oriented meetings