High Impact Coaching

Interested in taking your
leaders to the next level?

Companies everywhere struggle with maximizing their leaders’ potential! The ELM Advisory Group is passionate about taking leaders to the next level and their CEO and Founder, Pallavi Ridout, leverages her personal leadership as well as a decade of coaching experience to enable a meaningful and long-lasting impact for her clients globally. The ELM Group focuses their work on enhancing leadership skills and helping leaders retain top talent by Engaging, Leading and Motivating their teams. The ELM Advisory Group works with the below three leader groups and impacts them to become more inspired, fulfilled and exceptional leaders:

  • C-Level Executives
  • Senior Leaders – SVPs, VPs & Directors
  • High Potential Employees

Coaching for Enhanced Business Results and Interpersonal Effectiveness

As a seasoned Executive Coach, Pallavi’s goal is to help leaders do three things:

  • Establish, align and execute short- and long-term goals
  • Enhance leader self-awareness, uncover blind spots and provide insights into perceptions within the organization
  • Reach new levels of performance and results
Executive coaching can bring about significant change in THREE Key areas

How long is the Coaching process and what’s involved?

For deep rooted, effective change, a 6-12-month engagement is recommended for lasting results.

However, we understand sometimes business needs may necessitate shorter engagements and here are sample processes for short, medium and long-term coaching:

Sample Coaching Processes